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It describes each with game-specific statistics (such as the monster's level or number of hit dice), and a brief description of its habits and habitats.Most of the entries also have an image of the creature.

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Like the Fiend Folio before it, the monsters in Monster Manual II listed the experience point value for each monster within the entry.

However, the binder format ultimately proved impractical for two main reasons.

First, looseleaf pages were not as durable as the hardcover format.

After the series was separated into basic and advanced games, the basic game continued to be published in level-based boxes.

Monsters of the appropriate level were included in the rulebooks for the various basic game sets (Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, and Immortal) and later collected in AC9 Creature Catalogue and a single D&D Rules Cyclopedia book.Minor changes during the print run included a cover art change to match a new logo and house style and some minor corrections introduced in the 1978 printings.