Shutdown is busy updating waiting for lock

16-Jan-2018 15:56

USER SUBMITTED DESCRIPTION: One reader run it in Auto mode and now Leopard does not reboot.

There is a message asking to reboot the computer, but when he does it the same message appears :"You need to restart you computer.

This is after installing 10.9.1 to a drive, binding to AD, setting the time, and installing a couple of PKGs.

Hi, First of all, I would really appreciate any help from you guys since this problem is frustrating me for a long time.

I set up in my office for a long support call and called in.

shutdown is busy updating waiting for lock-61

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Tell us your Mac model, including all the information from the "About this Mac" Apple Menu item 2. We'd like to keep all the information pertaining to this bug in one place so we can solve it quickly and easily.

And this is Happening only on Windows 10 (I tried Windows 8.1 It worked as it supposed to do)My PC History and what I did to it before having this problem: Well at first my dad was using it normally no problem with Windows 8 as it came out with it, maybe upgraded later to Windows 8.1 everything was good until he decided to give it to me since I was struggling with my first low-end PC. same thing power light still on fan still on also keyboard unresponsive (caps lock stay stuck same before shutdown) same thing with hibernate option (after I enabled it) but it turns that the hibernate option was my first lifesaver when I want to get my PC to sleep without losing any open file I hit Hibernate the same thing again it got stuck as the other options so I force the shutdown (5 sec pushing the power button) but the only different thing between sleep and hibernate is that when I turn on my PC I have all opened file back as I left them, and it's logical because Sleep mode save all your open file to the RAM and since it's volatile, on power lose it get cleared.