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Men are more prone to developing bladder cancer probably due to a higher incidence of smoking and exposure to toxic chemicals.

A close relative with a history of bladder cancer may increase the predisposition for the development of this disease.

The ureters from both the kidneys open into the urinary bladder.Bladder cancer will kill an estimated 16,390 people in 2016. S., the lifetime bladder cancer risk for men is about one in 26 and for women about one in 90.Bladder cancer is classified on the basis of the appearance of its cells under the microscope (histological type).Age and family history are other risk factors as is male sex.

About 90% of people with bladder cancer are over age 55, though in exceptional cases the disease may surface in the third or fourth decade of life.Invasive bladder cancer (like cancers of other organs) has the ability to spread (metastasize) to other body parts, including the lungs, bones, and liver.