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Raven's chief powers are her flight, a studious mastery of magical powers, and her telekinetic and psychokinetic abilities, with her mind empowering her to manipulate and levitate objects enclosed in dark mystical energy.

This ability often comes about after chanting the incantation "Azarath Metrion Zinthos", allowing her to make use of her powers in a myriad of forms (including but not limited to: forcefields, energy shields, means of teleportation, and in more extreme and unpredictable cases, manipulation of time, movement of larger masses such as skyscrapers, astral projection, and using said energy to destroy objects).

Like his mentor, he relies on his amazing martial arts skills and agility honed through intensive training; his main source of power comes from his large range of weapons, including the Birdarangs, discus grenades, and a modified multi-purpose battle staff.His condition is virtually impossible to disguise, though he attempts to do so in the beginning by covering much of his body with heavy clothing and a hooded sweatshirt.His neighborhood falls under attack when Starfire appears on planet Earth in the "Go" episode of the series, and as such, he comes to the aid of Robin and Beast Boy in their tussle with the hostile alien.After dispatching the alien invaders, Starfire chooses to stay on Earth with her newfound friends.

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As an alien, Starfire has a range of emotion-driven powers unique to her people: she fires powerful green energy beams called "Star Bolts" from her hands (and she can also create protective shields of energy) and can later fire them from her eyes and generate large concussive energy fields upon hatching from a stage of puberty called "Chrysalis." She is also able to fly, has super-strength,and she's highly trained in hand-to-hand combat (thank to her warrior training from the people of her planet) these power came from her emotions,but are neutralized whenever mired in confusion and self-doubt.On Tamaran, she was raised by her guardian, Galfore.

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