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21-Nov-2017 07:33

Happy birthday @Planet Rock Radio especially my favourite radio wife @lizziebarn .

There were so many great times and a few dreadful ones along the way too.

And as Gene says to Friend at one point, whats wrong with whores, anyway?

Theyre the most honest people in the world, as you always know how much each and every thing you do is going to cost. Friends world began to crumble once grunge hit the scene, although did their best to stay hip and relevant.

We salute Matt Cale Between frantic, quick-before-mom-gets-home rubs on the bathroom rug, visits to the nearest adult bookstore for love doll bargain shopping (note to all curious shoppers: do not spend less than for for several years, one as a subscriber.

I looked forward to every issue, largely because they balanced their Skid Row, Guns N Roses, and Great White coverage with a little Sanctuary or King Diamond now and then.

The mag worshipped Metallica, of course, and was the exclusive source for the lead-up to the breakthrough Black Album.

It was all there hyperbolic, overly positive reviews (to this day, I cant remember anything they hated), inside scoops of tour information, upcoming albums, industry gossip, and unnaturally lengthy feature articles that described every thrust, every load, and every deservedly objectified groupie on every tour bus you could imagine.

I also could have done without the spiritual bullshit that, while never pushed, popped up from time to time as if to dispel right-wing rumors that all rock nerds shunned religion like showers, calls to turn it down or, say, the dating scene.As they said, if Jack Russell slammed his meat axe into a stoned slut, was there.And they did it better than anyone before or since.They have now premiered their album’s second single on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio. Speaking to Beats 1’s Matt Wilkinson, the band described the song as “the most synth-heavy tune we’ve made”.

Singer Ellie Rowsell also said that “I kind of wanted to make one of those head out the window on a long drive tunes.

Funny I should say that, though, as Friend discusses an interview with the God of Thunder where he was appalled at Genes commercial enterprises (this was about the time the Kiss coffin hit the shelves).