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01-Dec-2017 13:28

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The conquest caused extensive destruction, including the burning of Tripoli's famous library, the Dar il-'ilm, with its thousands of volumes.

During the Crusaders' 180-year rule the city was the capital of the "County of Tripoli".

Under Roman rule, starting with the takeover of the area by Pompey in 64-63 B. The Byzantine city of Tripolis, which by then extended to the south, was destroyed, along with other Mediterranean coastal cities, by an earthquake and tidal wave in 551.

After 635, Tripoli became a commercial and shipbuilding center under the Omayyads.

It was at this time that numerous religious and secular buildings were erected, many of which still survive today.Under the successors of Alexander the Great during the Hellenistic period, Tripoli was used as a naval shipyard.There is also evidence that it enjoyed a period of autonomy at the end of Seleucid era.During the long Turkish Ottoman rule (1516 - 1918) Tripoli retained its prosperity and commercial importance and in these years more buildings were added to the city's architectural wealth.

Archeological Excavations Tripoli has not been extensively excavated because the ancient site lies buried beneath the modern city of Al-Mina.Plentyoffish is 100% Free, unlike paid dating sites.

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